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#JaVotes2020: Dwight Sibblies says it is the people of Clarendon Northern that will win.

#Gleaner #DwightSibblies #JLP AUGUST 20, 2020: Political newcomer and Jamaica Labour Party candidate for Clarendon Northern Dwight Sibblies has been inspired by the party's stunning success in Portland Eastern and now believes that he has a real chance in defeating Horace Dalley at the September 3 polls.

Campaign Chronicles EP 1: Dubs, Manifestos and Desert Clarks

#Gleaner #JaVotes2020 The first stop on campaign chronicles, host Davina speaks with public affairs commentator, Jaevion Nelson, on political dubs, manifestos and the Jamaica Progressive Party.

Saint Andrew West Central residents say who they will be voting for come September 3.

#Gleaner #JaVotes2020 #JLP Residents continue to support Andrew Holness who turned a marginal seat with a decades-long history of political violence into a safe seat.

No welcome mat for ‘deportee’, says Azan

Dubbing himself the ‘performance man’, Richard Azan says his record in Clarendon North Western is strong enough to repel the challenge of Phillip Henriques, whom he’s snarkily labelled a ‘deportee’ that he’ll dispatch come September 3.

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Fabian Lewis | Stop Insulting The Jamaican People, PNP

I note with growing consternation, and sometimes laughter, at the many commentaries about the massive ‘murderation’ meted out to the People’s National Party (PNP) at the hands of a marauding Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) election machine

JLP's Daniel Lawrence Wins Westmoreland Eastern Magisterial Recount

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for Westmoreland Eastern Daniel Lawrence has been declared the winner of the seat after a magisterial recount. He polled 4,862 votes to the People’s National Party’s Luther Buchanan who received 4,.

Thompson Withdraws As Chair Of PNP Election Review Committee

Hours after being named as chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP) election review committee, Dr Canute Thompson has written to the party withdrawing his acceptance of the role. The committee was announced yesterday by general secretary...