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#JaVotes2020 Jamaica Votes 2020: Livestream of the ballot count

SEPTEMBER 2, 2020: The Gleaner's election team presents #JaVotes2020, live coverage of the ballot count on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Be a part of the cyber audience.

‘Don’t Watch The Hype’ - After Poll Results

People’s National Party (PNP) supporters in St Catherine South East admit that Robert ‘Big Rob’ Miller, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate in Thursday’s general election, has made his presence felt in the constituency. They, however, dismissed the findings of a Gleaner-commissioned Don Anderson poll that shows Miller leading the incumbent, Colin Fagan, by four percentage points. However, the JLP supporters in the constituency said that Fagan should see the poll results as the writing on the wall. “If you can’t be a man fi yuh yard, how you a guh be a man out a road?” Nigel Thompson said as he pointed to what appears to be Fagan’s loss of control in Edgewater.

#JaVotes2020 #Gleaner Residents in the Kingston Central constituency talk about who has their vote

#JaVotes2020 #Gleaner Reactions from supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party, in the Kingston Central constituency, for the upcoming general election on Thursday, September 3,2020.

THE GLEANER MINUTE:Ruddy Spencer hospitalised... Tourists scorned... Calls for extended voting hours

SEPTEMBER 1, 2020: JLP campaign co-chairman Rudyard Spencer has been hospitalised after suffering a stroke ... Non-residents Jamaicans say they are being scorned when visiting the island ... Jamaica-born British doctor and civil rights pioneer Dr Harold Moody is being honoured by Google Doodle today ... The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches is calling for the extension of voting hours for Thursday’s polls ... IN SPORTS: Olivia Grange has announced the erection of a statue of Usain Bolt in Water Square, Falmouth.

#JaVotes2020 #JamaicaElections CAMPAIGN CHRONICLES - EPISODE 4: Maas Tom, Rohan who? and Papa Tax

#JaVotes2020 #JamaicaElections Jodi-Ann Quarrie, attorney-at-law, discusses the political debates and which independent candidate is Jamaica's favorite.

Police officers, election day workers voting three days before regular voters

Police officers and election day workers gives their opinions on the process of voting as they cast their ballots on Monday, three days before the 2020 General Election.

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Fabian Lewis | Stop Insulting The Jamaican People, PNP

I note with growing consternation, and sometimes laughter, at the many commentaries about the massive ‘murderation’ meted out to the People’s National Party (PNP) at the hands of a marauding Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) election machine

JLP's Daniel Lawrence Wins Westmoreland Eastern Magisterial Recount

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for Westmoreland Eastern Daniel Lawrence has been declared the winner of the seat after a magisterial recount. He polled 4,862 votes to the People’s National Party’s Luther Buchanan who received 4,.

Thompson Withdraws As Chair Of PNP Election Review Committee

Hours after being named as chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP) election review committee, Dr Canute Thompson has written to the party withdrawing his acceptance of the role. The committee was announced yesterday by general secretary...