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#JaVotes2020: Will campaigning change in strong hold constituencies?

Residents share their views on how they think campaigning will change in strong hold constituencies for the two major political parties in Jamaica.

#JaVotes2020: Green chalks up achievements

#Gleaner #FloydGreen #JLP AUGUST 26, 2020: Touting that he has worked hard in the just-concluded term as member of parliament for St Elizabeth South Western, Floyd Green has made it clear that his campaign for re-election is based on a legacy of performance in the rural constituency.

#JaVotes2020: Stephenson vows to turn tables on rival

#Gleaner #EwanStephenson #PNP AUGUST 26, 2020: The People’s National Party’s (PNP) Ewan Stephenson believes that a wind change is blowing through St Elizabeth South Western, the constituency that has historically been viewed as the weathervane of Jamaican elections.

EOJ almost ready

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is in the final stages of preparation for the September 3 general election, with the training of one-day police among the last areas of readiness being completed. Director of Elections Glasspole Brown said, during a mini tour of the EOJ’s facilities on Sunday, that the printing of the 1.9 million ballots should be completed by Wednesday afternoon.

#JaVotes2020: JLP attracting more youth but will they vote?

August 23, 2020: Host Damion Mitchell engages you advocates on the issues of youth voting and apathy. Christopher Harper, Joel Nomdarkam and Issia Thelwell weigh in on the issue.

#JaVotes2020: Krystal's clear vision for St Andrew West Rural

#Gleaner #KrystalTomlinson #PNP AUGUST 23, 2020: Krystal Tomlinson turned down a number of opportunities to become the People’s National Party’s (PNP) standard-bearer in various constituencies before finally saying yes to her home turf, St Andrew West Rural. Tomlinson said she is focused on constituency development, from the youth to the elderly.

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Fabian Lewis | Stop Insulting The Jamaican People, PNP

I note with growing consternation, and sometimes laughter, at the many commentaries about the massive ‘murderation’ meted out to the People’s National Party (PNP) at the hands of a marauding Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) election machine

JLP's Daniel Lawrence Wins Westmoreland Eastern Magisterial Recount

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for Westmoreland Eastern Daniel Lawrence has been declared the winner of the seat after a magisterial recount. He polled 4,862 votes to the People’s National Party’s Luther Buchanan who received 4,.

Thompson Withdraws As Chair Of PNP Election Review Committee

Hours after being named as chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP) election review committee, Dr Canute Thompson has written to the party withdrawing his acceptance of the role. The committee was announced yesterday by general secretary...