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Poll indicates tight municipal races with both parties within margin of error Just days before the majority of the island’s electors get a chance to cast ballots in the long-overdue local government elections, Jamaica


Young candidate seeking to change political mindset in MoBay North Division

SHARING THAT he took a leave of absence from his studies to focus on next week’s local government election, People’s National Party (PNP) councillor candidate Ronaldo Jackson is confident that he will be the change needed in the Montego Bay


‘Go out and vote’

Elections watchdog urges Jamaicans to take polls seriously as survey reveals voter apathy remains high With the allocation of $1.7 billion by the Government to facilitate a little more than two million electors to exercise


Waite, name changed but desire to win remains

PNP’s Mugabe Kilimanjaro says he will retain Ipswich division WHEN HE contested and won the Ipswich division in St Elizabeth for the People’s National Party (PNP) in 2016, he did so under the name Prince Mugabe Wa


Bethel Town woman to use candidacy to advocate for Chief Tacky as national hero

This year’s local government elections will feature one woman among five independent candidates who are seeking to win one of the 14 divisions in the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation (WMC). Loraine McPherson-Williams resides in Bethel


Running in vain

Limited political influence dims chances for independents; youth more willing to support them The 36 independent candidates vying for office in the local government elections have been labelled as “fodder” in the election process


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Election News

#JAVOTES2024 | Manchester North Eastern running smoothly

Polling stations for the local government elections are in full swing at Christiana High School in Manchester North Eastern, under the watchful eye of supervisor Heather Cole. Her primary role is to ensure a seamless and orde

#JAVOTES2024 | Voter turnout at 11.12 per cent so far

The Electoral Commission of Jamaica is reporting that at 10 a.m., 11.12 per cent of the more than two million registered voters had turned out for voting in today's local government elections. This is slightly better than

#JAVOTES2024 | PNP’s Oliver Reid expresses concern about handling of ballots

The People's National Party's candidate for the Little London Division in Westmoreland Oliver Reid today raised concerns about the handling of ballots. According to him, he noticed instances where the ballots of