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BROADCAST: 2016 General Election Results

FEBRUARY 25, 20176: The Gleaner Online presents Jamaica Votes 2016, coverage of the general election. 
Moderators: Damion Mitchell, Gleaner Editor – Radio & Online 
Arthur Hall, Senior News Editor, The Gleaner 
Panellists: Bill Johnson, pollster; Mark Wignall, political analyst; Krystal Tomlinson, social researcher; Dr Christopher Charles, political psychologist; Dr Herbert Gayle, anthropologist. 
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JLP defies historic trend to upset PNP 33-30

FEBRUARY 26, 2016: The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has beaten the People’s National Party (PNP) 33-30 in the 17th general election since 1944. It was an election with one of the lowest voter turnouts at 47.7 per cent, but that did not work in favour of the incumbent PNP.

THE GLEANER MINUTE: Shots fired at PNP rally… what Portia said … Election fever

FEBRUARY 24, 2016: More than 30 people were injured in a stampede following a shooting at a PNP meeting at the Portia Simpson Miller Square on Tuesday night… The Prime Minister is under fire for comments made after the shooting and her refusal to leave the stage … The Electoral Commission of Jamaica is reminding voters that they could be fined up to $80,000 if they take a photo or video of a marked ballot.

Shots fired at PNP meeting, several injured in stampede

FEBRUARY 24, 2016: There was a major stampede at the PNP mass meeting in Three Miles, St. Andrew in South West on Tuesday night. The shots rang out while Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller was preparing to address the gathering.

PICTURE THIS: Shots fired at PNP meeting

FEBRUARY 24, 2016: One person was shot and at least 27 others injured in an ensuing stampede at the Portia Simpson Miller Square in St. Andrew on Tuesday night. Photographer, Gladstone Taylor, captured some of the sights and scenes.

THE GLEANER MINUTE: PNP ahead in poll...Election day workers vote...JUTC buses damaged

FEBRUARY 22, 2016: The RJR-Don Anderson Poll results show that the PNP is ahead of the JLP in favourability rating 30.8% to 28% respectively… There were only a few glitches as election day workers and members of the security forces turned out to cast their ballots…The PNP’s final mass meeting is to be held at Portia Simpson-Miller Square on Tuesday…JLP Leader Andrew Holness used the mass rally held yesterday to expound on his plan to eradicate income tax on earning of up to $1.5 million …JLP supporters vandalize chartered JUTC bus after JLP Rally held in Half-Way Tree.

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Next councillor must deliver water to Red Hills

Whoever eventually wins the Red Hills division in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation would, partly, have done so by satisfying residents that their cries for water will not fall on deaf ears.

Local Gov't 2016 : Woman quits marketing job to run as councillor

Two years ago, Withney Smith quit her day job and returned to her home in Brompton, St Elizabeth, to get involved in politics.

Letter Of The Day | Autonomy For Local Government

Jamaicans are now preparing for another round of delayed local government elections that seemed set to be kicked further down the road by another administration that would rather have enough political mileage on their opponents before allowing Jamaican