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#JAVOTES2024 | Some Wait-a-bit, Trelawny residents switch political sides after alleged 'diss' from JLP councillor


Image caption: Residents of Allside in Wait-a-bit, Trelawny wave orange flags in support of the People's National Party moments after declaring they would be switching their support away from the Jamaica Labour Party in the Lorrimers division in Trelawny Southern. - Christopher Thomas photo.

Kevin Barnett, one of the dissenting residents, told The Gleaner that the lack of water and employment opportunities for farmers have exacerbated the issue.

"The MP [former Member of Parliament Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert] and the councillor nah do anything for we in this part of Trelawny, and we a farm worker. Is election time, and we can't get a fork from our MP who a run how much term, our councillor doing how much term, plus our water, what we come see as youths lock down," an aggrieved Barnett said.

Smith is contesting the Lorrimers division in Trelawny Southern against the PNP's Gregory Clarke.

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