St. Andrew - Division: Whitehall

Candidate Party Votes Vote %
Lee Clarke JLP 1,724 (68.99%)
St. Patrick Dunbar PNP 775 (31.01%)
Total Votes: 2,499  
Box count: 38 of 38
Status: JLP

Election News

Next councillor must deliver water to Red Hills

Whoever eventually wins the Red Hills division in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation would, partly, have done so by satisfying residents that their cries for water will not fall on deaf ears.

Local Gov't 2016 : Woman quits marketing job to run as councillor

Two years ago, Withney Smith quit her day job and returned to her home in Brompton, St Elizabeth, to get involved in politics.

Letter Of The Day | Autonomy For Local Government

Jamaicans are now preparing for another round of delayed local government elections that seemed set to be kicked further down the road by another administration that would rather have enough political mileage on their opponents before allowing Jamaican