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JLP Activists Unfazed By Duncan Sutherland


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Image caption: Gladstone Taylor/Multimedia Photo Editor Joyce, a vendor in Hayes, Clarendon, believes the Jamaica Labour Party’s Pearnel Charles Jr will retain the Clarendon South Eastern seat come next Thursday.

Veteran Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters and workers in Clarendon South Eastern have rejected claims that the People’s National Party (PNP) could break their dominance and snatch the constituency in the September 3 polls.

The PNP’s Patricia Duncan Sutherland will face off with the JLP incumbent Pearnel Charles Jr in the race to Gordon House.

Charles Jr was elected in a March 2 by-election which was boycotted by the PNP, polling 6,846 votes to independent candidate Dereck Lambert’s 741.

In 2016, though, Duncan Sutherland was on the ballot for the PNP, polling 9,039 to the JLP’s Rudyard Spencer’s 9,997, losing the seat by 958 votes.

On A Winning Path

Comrades, however, believe they are on a winning path, given the fact that some 2,068 electors have been added to the voters’ list in the constituency.

“Inna the COVID, him (Charles Jr) push out. PNP [supporters] say that, Labourite say that. Me can’t make she (Duncan Sutherland) come and tek over. When the time come, we a come out and vote!” long-time JLP supporter in Savanna, Joyce, told The Gleaner recently.

Despite Duncan Sutherland remaining caretaker of the constituency for the PNP after her February 2016 defeat, Joyce said she has not had a strong presence in parts of the constituency.

“How Patricia fi have whole heap a vote in ya suh?” she asked. “From right ya suh (Savanna) go right back to Capture Land … right back ‘round … how Patricia fi have whole heap a vote?

“If Patricia Duncan get Hayes, Capture Land, Savanna and Quarter-a-Hill and Raymonds, then Patricia can have whole heap a talk. Mr Pearnel wouldn’t have no talk. If [she] gets all a who she said she have, then she double-double beat Pearnel,” the JLP activist reasoned.

The Clarendon South Eastern constituency is comprised of the Hayes, Mineral Heights, Palmers Cross and Rock Point divisions.

At present, only the Hayes division is being held by the PNP, while the Mineral Heights division is vacant following the death of Councillor Milton Brown in May.

JLP activist Simone Thompson told The Gleaner that the party was planning on cutting into the PNP’s numbers in Hayes to increase the 2016 margin of victory.

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