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JLP Seeks To End PNP’s 31-Year Hold On St Catherine NC


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Image caption: Ian Allen Natalie Campbell-Rodriques, Jamaica Labour Party candidate for St Catherine North Central, greets a resident in a section of the constituency recently.

Some residents of Caswell Farm, also known as Kimona Heights in St Catherine North Central, have pledged to give the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate Natalie Campbell-Rodriques their vote in the September 3 polls.

The residents with whom The Gleaner spoke shared that the People’s National Party (PNP) incumbent, Natalie Neita, has not been visible or effected any change for the community since she was elected.

Clad in green, Winsome Walters verbally declared her support for the JLP candidate as she walked house to house distributing flyers.

“Wi a tief light and wi want it fi stop. Wi wah JPS (Jamaica Public Service) fi come in and talk to di people that we can put in di light and pay. That a di greatest challenge wi have, and again, water. Right now we don’t have a water system in here from Water Commission,” shared Walters.

The PNP has held a 31-year hold on the constituency, first with K.D. Knight and then the incumbent, Neita.

Walters explained that for the 33 years she has lived in the community, water has been sourced from the neighbouring Strathmore Gardens.

“Di people dem tek water off a di main from Strathmore and everybody come in and tek likkle water,” she explained.

“From di day di woman claim seh she win, mi nuh bless mi eye pan har,” Walters added.

Another woman who identified herself as Maxine said she was discontented with the state of the roads in the community.

“When rain fall a pure water, and di road swampy. Last election, wi see some people pass through and we did feel seh we a go get road, but all now,” she lamented.

“Wi don’t see dem!” another woman shouted.

Uriel Bell has been canvassing in the community for the last few weeks, on behalf of Campbell-Rodriques.

“So far it look good. Yuh have a lot of people weh get so disgruntled, dem nuh even waah see nuh politician, but the approach of the caretaker mek dem come out,” Bell explained.

He added that with no timeline on COVID-19, measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of voters on election day. Vehicles are already being arranged for the transportation of the elderly and others at risk, he added.

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