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JLP Still Needs Renewal


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Congratulations are in order for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and Andrew Holness for the win in the general election. With that said, I strongly believe that the JLP still needs renewal in its leadership ranks.

Starting with the second tier of leadership, the party needs to make changes next year. Deputy leaders J.C. Hutchinson, James Robertson, Desmond McKenzie, and Rudyard Spencer, in my opinion, should make way for the youngsters in the party. Area Council chairmen Winston Ennis, Michael Stern, and Everald Warmington should make way for youngsters.

I strongly believe that Floyd Green, the current chairman for Area Council Four, should be promoted to deputy leader and Homer Davis should replace him as chairman. Pearnel Charles Jr is the clear front runner to replace Rudyard Spencer as deputy leader for Area Council Three. Zavia Mayne should replace Michael Stern as chairman. Dr Nigel Clarke should replace Desmond McKenzie as deputy leader of Area Council One, and Juliet Holness should replace Winston Ennis as that area council chairwoman.

James Robertson should pass on the baton. Everald Warmington said he won’t seek re-election. Christopher Tufton and Kerensia Morrison are my favourites to fill those positions when vacant.

With the appointment of Horace Chang as deputy prime minister, clearly, he will hand over the position of general secretary to his current de facto general secretary Sharon Hay-Webster or Matthew Samuda.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness could pick Mayor Delroy Williams for that position. Warren Newby could also make an excellent general secretary. Aundre Franklin could be general secretary again.

I see Daryl Vaz being general secretary if he is not reappointed to the Cabinet, otherwise Sharon Hay-Webster as deputy general secretary

I believe that Robert Montague as chairman is fine, with Aundre Franklin as deputy chairman, Aubyn Hill as treasurer, Daryl Vaz as deputy treasurer, and Matthew Samuda as the party communications chairman.

I hope the Jamaica Labour Party still works to achieve more.


Ocho Rios, St Ann

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