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#JaVotes2020 | Low Turnout In St Thomas


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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Shanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer


Preliminary checks being made at the polls in St. Thomas Eastern have revealed a considerably low voter's turnout, at least 4 hours before shut-off time.


According to reports given by an executive member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), up to 1:00 pm a tally of some 3,000 people had shown up to cast their vote within the constituency.


This he credited to fear associated with the Coronavirus, the bad weather conditions and what he described as a general disinterest among the people.


"There's a genuine lack of enthusiasm of persons in the parish maybe because they are fed up with what they see as underdevelopment in the parish over the years, so it's going to be interesting," he said.


The JLP officer shared that the exit polls at that time, based on feedback from the various indoor agents, showed that his candidate Michelle Charles was leading the self-styled six-star general Fenton Ferguson of the People's National Party with over 400 votes.


Sharing that the JLP is cautiously optimistic that Charles will overthrow the PNP kingpin, he said that they are continuing to rally up voters by 'spreading the news of hope'.


According to him, "There have been some commitment made and we have seen some developments. The road work has began and we heard that because of COVID-19 the June deadline for the urban development centre (in Morant Bay) has been pushed back a little, but the financing has been agreed on. It's just to let the voters know that."


Meantime, with one hour left until the polls close, incumbent Member of Parliament for St Thomas, James Robertson told The Gleaner that he is on the road connecting with his voters.


Robertson, who is up against the PNPs Marsha Francis, admitted that though the rain prevented many from coming out, he remains confident that he will regain the seat he has dominated for the last 18 years.


St Thomas Western



PNP - Marsha Francis


JLP - James Robertson




PNP - Marsha Francis - 9,154


JLP - James Robertson - 9,568



St Thomas Eastern




PNP - Fenton Ferguson


JLP - Michelle Charles




PNP - Fenton Ferguson - 8,881


JLP - Delano Seiveright - 7,220

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