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#JaVotes2020 | Long lines in St. Catherine South Eastern frustrate voters


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There were complaints of long lines at Cumberland High School in St. Catherine South Eastern on Thursday during the general election. 

"It's more than patience that's needed at that line... I was trying to convince a lady not to leave and she is like 'no, this is ridiculous' and she left. People waiting too long," one voter exclaimed. 

Voters at the polling station at the Lions Club of Portmore in Edgewater had a similar complaint. 

"I've been in the line for over one hour, and I've voted here several years and I've never seen this. It is taking me an inordinately long time...but I won't be deterred," said another elector. 

Candidates undaunted 

Meanwhile, PNP candidate for St. Catherine South Eastern Colin Fagan cast his ballot at the Lions Club of Portmore in Edgewater.

Mr. Fagan, who has held the seat since 2007, told reporters that he is undaunted by first time candidate for the JLP Robert Miller.

In 2011, Fagan increased his win margin to 1,671 when he defeated Keith Blake.

However, the margin was reduced to 528 in 2016 when there was a massive swing towards the JLP.

Mr. Fagan said he expects to win by a wider margin in this election. 

With regards to the small margin of victory in the last election, Mr. Fagan attributed the result to a number of factors, including the JLP's promise of the so called '1.5' tax break. He said because the constituency is filled with working class people, they bought into the promise. 

Additionally, he noted that many of his supporters thought he would have won the seat comfortably so they did not bother to vote. 

His opponent, Robert Miller, voted outside the constituency.

He too expressed confidence in a win later today when our reporters caught up with him St. Catherine South Eastern. 

"I am confident I have done the work. I have identified my supporters, I've identified the undecided and I've identified a couple comrades who are willing to support me. I realise that South East St. Catherine has been lacking in terms of representation... and they are willing to come out and make a change...," he said, pointing that despite the slow voting process, many are staying to cast their ballot. 

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