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Long-Time PNP Supporter Proud Of Party’s Achievements


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Image caption: Carl Gilchrist Petouchia Martin

Counting the years when, as a little child of three or four years old, his parents would take him to political meetings, it has been four decades since Petouchia Martin has been a supporter of the People’s National Party (PNP) in St Ann North East.

According to him, he grew up supporting the party and, having come to understand what the party’s agenda is, he is committed to continuing his support.

“I’ve been supporting the PNP actively since I can remember, and that’s from when I was about three or four years old. So I would say over 39 years,” Martin told The Gleaner.

“I’ve come to understand and learn the values of what the People’s National Party is all about, and some of those are nation-building, futuristic thinking and planning for the betterment and welfare of Jamaica on a whole. I would not want to change from something like that to something more intangible, so that’s what keeps me going,” he added.

He said two of the most important achievements of the PNP since the turn of the century would be getting the Spanish investments in the tourism industry started, which, to date, has yielded several hotel brands, resulting in thousands of hotel rooms; and the upgrade of the road network, particularly the North Coast Highway.


Regarding the upcoming election, Martin said the PNP’s plan to look at free Internet islandwide, to focus on higher education, land transformation, among other important issues, represents the right direction for the party.

“We also see that corruption has become the norm and my party has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the people, so to speak, that they would stand against things like these, because these things, as far as I know, cost us the people. These are some of the things they’re putting forward,” Martin stated.

“Going forward, I would love to see more unity among our people; more accessibility to the necessities of daily living, proper hospital service, proper schooling, proper road network. I’m looking to see an improved economy, a more diverse economy, an economy where it’s not just the north coast or just Kingston benefiting, but a more inclusive system where rural Jamaicans can start coming with whatever they are able to produce to support the economy and grow the country.”

“I believe there is no better party to push this agenda than the PNP, because they’re talking about people and, when it comes to people and ‘grass rootism’, there is no better party for that than the PNP.”

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