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Time To Dethrone James Robertson - PNP Activist


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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INSPIRED BY the raw passion her father had for the People’s National Party (PNP), Kirnett Rosedom of the White Horses division in Western St Thomas is eagerly on a mission to see to the dethroning of the Jamaica Labour Party’s James Robertson.

Recalling the moment she knew for sure that activism was what she wanted, the now dedicated Comrade spoke of her earlier days when she used to watch her father get ready for the various political conferences.

“My father has been an activist from I was a little girl. We had to cross a bridge to reach where our family house was in White Horses and, when conference time, I can vividly remember him getting ready to catch the K-Son bus which would be coming from way up the road, beeping loudly. My dad would be just putting on his shirt and lacing up his shoes and, by time him finish, the bus would almost be at the gate," she shared with The Gleaner.

"He had to run through the gully to catch it and all of us as family would just watch him and we would see him 'buss' the corner same time with K-Son, and he would just hop on the step of the bus and that was the sweetest thing to me,” she said adding that she looked forward to each of her father’s political exploits.

According to Rosedom, “My father was a Michael Manley man and, though he never really teach me the politics, I always watched him and said to myself that is what I want to become. I want to go on that bus and take part in all of it.”

The now cluster manager with responsibility for some six polling divisions in the White Horses area told The Gleaner that she became a full-blown activist when Robertson commandeered the Western St Thomas seat from the PNP’s Anthony Hylton in 2002, where the JLP representative won by a margin of 1,310.

The 42-year-old woman has never witnessed her party’s victory in the constituency since. This, according to her, she hopes to change, with her backing of Comrade Marsha Francis, who recently replaced Mark Malabver in the race against Robertson.

“As one of the persons who played an active role in bringing back Comrade Francis, I really want to win this time. I think we are set and ready to win, if we get it right. The constituency is tired. It’s been nearly 20 years and there is no development neither for young nor for old. I think it’s time we try something and somebody new and see where the constituency can move forward.”

The activist blamed the attitude of her fellow comrades for their constant loss against Robertson and in other areas of the country.

“Most of us are greatly disappointed because we think this constituency is winnable, but it just seems as if we have never gotten it right. I think we put out some of the best candidates, but we ourselves have some personal issues. I think Western St Thomas (residents) are so passionate, but we are not focused.

My father is disappointed, too. As long as there is an election, he will vote, but that passion that he had is not as strong as it was. He is a Michael Manley man and I think we have taken out the ‘socialist’ aspect out of the group and that’s where we ’ave gone wrong. We are socialists and that should come first. Not so much as the party leader, but the people on the ground … . They are lacking the love that drives us to want the win and the spirit of comradeship and I think that is our biggest problem today where PNP is concerned. One time, we don’t leave any Comrade behind. It was all about empowerment for us,” she said, adding that the lack thereof is now gravely affecting the party.


- Shanna Monteith

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